Open Discussion Day 2

Today I hosted an open discussion group again. Three men from Syria and a woman named Inam who is the leader of the Restad Gärd Support group attended. Inam is from Gaza. I learned in our discussions that reading isn't as popular in Syria as it is in the US. Sports also aren't as popular, but music seems to be very important. I am told that Syrians generally don't listen to western music. Instead, they listen to Assyrian Pop music. I've also learned that Syrians commonly smoke cigarettes and hookah tobacco.

One of the men in the group talked about and showed us pictures of his prized motorcycle that was unfortunately destroyed in the war. Of the people in the group, three had Samsung phones and the fourth had a temporary flip phone. I was told that phones are very important to the center's residents as it allows them to check e-mail and stay in touch with relatives still living in Syria. We talked about how Syrians at the center are received by the local Swedish community. It baffles Inam that some of the locals are afraid of the refugee center and the people in it. They are all aware that some Swedes remain skeptical of their presence.