New Routine

After meeting with Adnan again, we planned activities for the next few weeks.

I will organize outside activities for the kids and have an open discussion classes with the adults.

I learned many of the kids at the center don't have much to do. Their parents are busy trying to learn Swedish and getting their paperwork together so they can start working. To pass the time, I have been assigned to do some outdoor activities with them. My plan so far is Capture the Flag or Ultimate Frisbee. I've These aren't games that Syrian kids know or play so I will need to teach them the rules.

For the other half of my time at the center, I will have open discussion classes with some of the adults who want to practice speaking English. English is one of the best languages to know since all school kids in Sweden must learn English and it serves as the country's second language. Some of the refugees know a little english. Unfortunately, in the refugee center, most people are either speaking their native tongue or practicing Swedish. This will also be a great opportunity for me to learn more about Syrian culture and their opinions about world events.