Frisbee With the Kids

Today I organized an outside activity with some of the younger kids.

My original plan was to divide the kids up into two teams and play Ultimate Frisbee and Capture the Flag, but most of the kids were too young. Instead, we just threw Frisbees around. Some of the kids had never thrown a Frisbee and I was surprised that I could teach them how to throw a Frisbee correctly using only gestures.

Many of the kids rode to the grassy quad where we played with bikes they borrowed from the refugee center. As one can imagine, most of the equipment the kids have is borrowed from the center and is shared among everybody.

The kids had a lot of fun throwing the Frisbee. There were so many of the kids who wanted to throw the Frisbee with me that I forgot to take any pictures. However, I can assure you they looked just like any other group of kids playing Frisbee in the grass.